After ordering a virtual office service from Unicount for your existing Estonian company you need to change your company's registered office address via Estonian Business Register online service.

Follow the advice in this manual if you are a resident company board member in Estonia and do not need to change or add a contact person. For changing both address and contact person please see this article.

If you have not ordered virtual office service yet you can do so by following this link to self-service.

Here is a step-by-step guide for changing your company address in the Estonian Business Register after you have ordered virtual office service from Unicount.

  1. Log in to the Estonian Business Register using your e-resident card or Estonian ID-card. Smart-ID signature app does not work with the Business Register. Alternatively you can use Lithuanian mobile-ID, Latvian ID-card and Belgian ID-card if you used one of them with your foreign ID code to register a company in Estonia.

2. Find the company you would like to access and click on the company name.

3. Click on the button "Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration".

4. Now click on "Alter the address".

5. Then search for Tammsaare tee 47, pick the option 'A', then click "Confirm choice".

6. After you have confirmed your choice, click "Save the changes" and then "Back to entering the data in the application" to go back to the application view.

7. If you also want to change your company email on the public register please find the section "Means of communication" and click "Alter the means of communication". Changing your company email might be reasonable if your public email was your previous service provider's email. Unicount recommends activating email for reducing spam and then assigining it to be your public email address.

9. Delete your old email address, select E-mail address from the dropdown menu, type the email you would like to use and click Add. After that click "Back to entering the data in the application". Please note that you need to click the email confirmation link sent to your email address.

10. After this is done you can check if all the details are correct and proceed to the next step where you sign digitally. Please note that you need to pay a state fee of 18 euros for changing your company address only if your previous registered office address was not in Tallinn.

11. If everything is correct you will be forwarded to the petition overview page. You need to click "Confirm the petition" button if all looks good.

12. Then you need to click "Sign" button to add your digital signature".

13. After this you need to click "Confirm the signatures button".

14. If your change of registered office address was within Tallinn city there is not state fee to be paid and you can submit the petition by clicking "Send the petition for proceeding". Now the only thing do to is to wait for the petition to be processed. Within five working days you will get an email notification to the email address you entered for your company.

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