Why can't I sign with my ID-card?
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If you have already logged in to Unicount with your Estonian e-resident card or resident ID-card then most probably you need to update ID-card software called DigiDoc or your browser plugins are not installed and enabled.

Please note that logging in and signing have different technical requirements. If you have managed to log in to Unicount you still may not be able to sign without doing some extra steps described here.

It is very common for first-time card users to believe that Unicount web service is broken while the problem is related to a missing Digidoc update or required browser plugin.

Some possible solutions:

  1. Check if your OS and browser support the Estonian ID-card

  2. If they do please install the latest version of DigiDoc software on your computer

  3. Make sure that you have the browser plugin installed and check that it is enabled

  4. Then restart your computer.

You can also follow this step-by-step guide for accessing web-based services such as Unicount. Below you will also find links to government-made video manuals for the most common operating systems and browsers.

Digidoc software installation manuals

Windows operating system

MacOS operating system

Linux operating system

Browser plugin installation manuals

If still no luck we would suggest trying to use your card to activate the Smart-ID signature app on your mobile device. It has the same legal status as ID-card in Estonia and with it, you can log in and sign without a card reader on any smart device.

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