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How do I change my registered office address and contact person?
How do I change my registered office address and contact person?
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Here is a step-by-step guide for changing your Estonian company's registered office address and contact person in the Estonian e-Business Register after ordering these services from Unicount.

Step 1

If you are a board member of the company log in to the e-Business Register using your e-resident digital ID, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID card.

Step 2

Click on "My undertakings" and then choose the company you would like to access by clicking on the company name.

Step 3

Under the Main information tab click "Change the data".

Step 4

Click on the "Persons" tab you can see in the left sidebar.

Delete your previous contact person by clicking the "Delete" button.

Then add Unicount as a contact person by opening the drop-down under "Other roles". Select "Contact person" from the list.

You need to enter Unicount details manually until search function starts working again.

First choose that you are adding a legal person to act as a contact person.

Then type business name Unicount OÜ

Insert 14614272 for Unicount registry code

Insert Unicount official email
Search for Unicount address by typing "Veskiposti 2-1002"

Postal code is then automatically filled and it is 10138

Don't forget to click "Save" after that. Now Unicount support can access your application to check all the details before signing for consent.

Step 5

Open "Contacts" tab.

Under the company address information click "Change

Type "Veskiposti 2-1002" to the search bar and select the only result displayed by clicking on it.

It is important that you have suite number 1002 included in the address to ensure safe mail deliveries. Therefore always search for Veskiposti 2-1002 instead of Veskiposti 2.

If you also want to update your company public email on the register please delete your previous public email and type a new one. Changing your company email might be reasonable if your public email was your previous service provider's email.

Unicount recommends activating email for reducing spam and then assigning it to be your public email address.

Please note that you need to click the email confirmation link sent to your email address.

Adding Unicount spam proof address is an option available to contact person service clients who do not want to reveal their actual email to public and would like Unicount to receive any official emails from Estonian government agencies.

After you add Unicount official email Unicount needs to confirm that too by clicking on the link in an automatic email confirmation. You cannot submit your application before Unicount has confirmed use of its email for your company.

Step 6

After all this is done you can notify Unicount via so that Unicount team can check that all the application details are correct. Unicount board members gains access to your draft application in the Business Register after you complete step 4.

Unicount board member will sign your application for proving the consent of Unicount OÜ to act as your contact person. After it is done Unicount team notifies you that your application is ready for signing.

NB! Please do not proceed to signing before Unicount team has replied and signed for consent. Otherwise, all the signatures have to be added again if any corrections made by Unicount team.

Step 7

Once Unicount team has confirmed that your application is correct and Unicount board member has signed the application you can return to Business Register for submission.

To find the application log in to Business Register, in the top menu click "Applications" and then "Dashboard".

Under Dashboard view select "My applications" to see the applications.

Open the application by clicking on your company name.

Got to "Confirmation of the application" tab to add your digital signature in the browser. If signing fails see this article for resolving common Estonian ID-card related issues.

Please be aware that even if logging in with ID-card worked signing might not work until you get latest Digidoc software installed and browser plugin enabled. Signing with Smart-ID is still not possible in the Business Register.

If you have more than one board member then one signature is sufficient if all of the board members have unlimited representation rights. Please note that Unicount board member needs to sign this application and submitting without Unicount signature would mean that the application gets rejected by the court.

To review the changes in the application see Application text below. It should look like this.

Step 8

Now you need to pay a state fee of 25 euros for changing your company details.

For paying the state fee select one of the Estonian bank links if you have a bank account in Estonia or pay by card with your Visa or Mastercard. Submission can be ticked to be automatic after a successful payment.

If you have no bank account in Estonia and no suitable bank card you need to use the government IBAN accounts displayed to you. To see the bank details click on "Payment of the state fee at a bank branch or via an Internet Bank".

Please make sure that you use the correct description of payment and also reference number provided by the Business Register. If you cannot use the reference field add the reference number to the description field in addition to the usual payment description. If there is not enough space for both use reference number, as it might be the best way to match your payment with the application.

With Wise IBAN account some clients have had problems with the payee name "Rahanduministeerium". Replacing it with "Ministry of Finance" or "Rahandus Ministeerium" gets you past this error.

If the court cannot find the payment on the state payment system the application would be rejected. You can then resubmit the same application with a proof of your payment as an additional file.

After making the payment submit your application for processing. For this click on "The state fee has been paid".

When your submission is successful this confirmation message appears with processing deadline information. If your changes are not accepted by the deadline check if court has issued any resolutions about deficiencies in your application.


This error message is displayed in the e-Business Register when a shareholder resolution is required to change company jurisdiction. This can be changing management seat location from one country to another or switching the municipality in Estonia.

The reason is that company seat is included in articles of association. Company articles can only be changed by company shareholder resolution. Please contact Unicount for further support then.

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