Here is a step-by-step guide for changing your Estonian company registered office address and contact person in the Estonian Business Register.

  1. Log in to the Estonian Business Register

  2. Choose the right company

  3. Start the petition

  4. Alter the address

  5. Remove your previous contact person

  6. Add a new contact person

  7. Upload contact person consent

  8. Update company email

  9. Check all the details

  10. Sign digitally

  11. Confirm signatures

  12. Pay the state fee and submit

Step 1

Log in to the Estonian Business Register using your e-resident digital ID card. Smart-ID does not work with the Business Register yet.

Alternatively you can use Lithuanian mobile ID, Latvian ID-card or Belgian ID-card if you used one of these with your foreign ID code to register a company in Estonia.

Estonian Business Register online service is confusingly called Company Registration Portal.

Step 2

If you have more than one company find the company you would like to access and click on the company name.

Step 3

Click "Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration".

Step 4

Click on "Alter the address".

Search for Tammsaare tee 47, pick option A and click "Confirm choice".

After you have confirmed your choice, click "Save the changes" and then "Back to entering the data in the application" to go back to the application view.

Step 5

Now it is time to change your contact person. Click "Alter the persons in the entry".

Remove your previous contact person, if you had one, by clicking the "Delete" button. Then add a new contact person by opening the drop-down menu and selecting "Contact person" then clicking "Add".

Step 6

You can search for Unicount OÜ by using our registry code, which is 14614272. This will automatically fill in the required fields for appointing Unicount as the new contact person.

Unicount email address needs to be added manually. Spam proof official address for Unicount is Don't forget to click "Add" after that.

Step 7

Now you can upload the .asice container with digitally signed consent from Unicount OÜ. Contact person consent will be issued to you by Unicount client support after you have ordered the services online. To start, click "Add a document".

When uploading contact person consent for its appointment, select "Consent of Contact person". Always upload .asice container file as it includes the digital signature that court needs to see. PDF files and Word files do not include the necessary digital signature.

Step 8

If you also want to update your company email on the public register please find the section "Means of communication" and click "Alter the means of communication". Changing your company email might be reasonable if your public email was your previous service provider's email. Unicount recommends activating email for reducing spam and then assigining it to be your public email address.

Delete your old email address, select E-mail address from the dropdown menu, type the email you would like to use and click "Add". After that click "Back to entering the data in the application". Please note that you need to click the email confirmation link sent to your email address.

Adding Unicount spam proof address is an option available to contact person service clients who do not want to reveal their actual email to public.

If you add Unicount email Unicount needs to confirm that too.

Step 9

After this is done you can check if all the details are correct by clicking the button "Check the details of entry petition" at the bottom.

Petition summary will be displayed if automatic checks succeed.

Click "Confirm the petition" if all looks good.

Step 10

Click "Sign" button to add your digital signature" in the browser. If signing fails see this article for resolving common Estonian card related issues.

Step 11

Cick "Confirm the signatures" if there is a "Signed" status behind board member's name that signed the application. Unicount does not need to sign the application in the browser if you have received digitally signed consent in .asice container.

Step 12

Now you need to pay a state fee of 18 euros for changing your company details after that. For paying the state fee select one of the government IBAN accounts displayed to you.

Please make sure that you have the correct description and reference number provided by the Business Register. There is no card payment option available.

After making the payment click "Confirm payment" to confirm that you have made the payment. If the court cannot find the payment on the state payment system the application would be rejected. You can then resubmit the same applicatin with a proof of your payment as an additional file added.

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