To register a company we need to know some personal details and your planned business activity.

This is the bare minimum to satisfy Estonian Business Register.

Personal details include:
Your full name (automatically read from your e-Resident card certificate)
Your Estonian personal identification code (automatically read from your e-Resident card certificate)
Your email address
Your phone number
Your residential address
Your citizenship

Unicount will not publish any of your personal details to any third party unless required by law.

Public company details include:
Board member's full name
Board member's Estonian personal identification code
Planned business activity (EMTAK code)
Share capital (anything between 2500 and 25 000 euros)
Company email address (will be available to public for free from Business Register unless contact person service ordered)
Company phone number (will be available to public for a fee from Commercial Register)
Company address (must be Unicount's address for non-residents, including e-resident)

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