What is EMTAK code?
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The Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK) is the Estonian version of the international harmonised NACE statistical classification of economic activities in the European Union. Search for your EMTAK code here.

EMTAK is the basis for determining the field of activities of your company, which is an important source of statistics for the Estonian government and EU.

When registering a company pick the activity which corresponds most closely with your planned source of revenue. There are no restrictions on activity in other areas besides the one you selected. You can only pick one EMTAK code when registering a company.

You can’t change your EMTAK code in Business Register later on. The main area of activity will be automatically determined based on which activity generated the most income according to your last annual report.

Please keep in mind that some areas are subject to special requirements and require specific activity licenses. You can read more about these here.

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