Estonian limited companies looking to acquire payments online can apply for a merchant account with Stripe, Braintree, Decta, Paysera, Mollie, Paddle and many more.

Please note that some of these companies may reject clients who are not physically located in Estonia or the EU. Restrictions could apply to the company owner and director residency and eligible industries. Be sure to check the terms of service before applying.

PayPal is one of the companies that might ask you to prove your address in Estonia by a utility bill issued to your company. If you are Estonian e-resident not having an office in Estonia you might want to try with other companies.

If you are asked for a proof of address of your company you might do ok with electronic registration certificate or a certificate showing shareholder information. You can generate these for free via Estonian Business Register.

If you are looking for an utility bill issued to your company please find our advice here.

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