How do I change company public email?
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If you registered your Estonian limited company through Unicount API service with a contact person service, your actual business email was not published to Business Register. Unicount automatically replaces your actual business email address with its own spam-proof email address

This spam-proof email address automatically becomes the public email of your company and is visible on the Estonian Business Register for everyone. You can read more about the spam issue here. only receives emails from IP addresses of Estonian government agencies. No commercial email gets through so do not give this email address to any business partners or banks.

Emails sent to your company from Estonian government agencies will be added to your Client Dashboard or forwarded via email if necessary. This applies until you change your public email to something else.

How do I activate my public email address?

If you would like to change your company's public email please follow the advice in this article. Please note that changing your public email to anything else than would potentially mean receiving spam.

You can activate your own spam-proof email and assign it to your company's public email address. The official email address should be forwarded to one of your actual email addresses so that you could receive emails without having to log in to each time.

You can find the manual for activating your email address here.

Changing your company's public email address

Here is a step-by-step guide for changing your public email address in in the Estonian Business Register.

1. Log in to the Estonian Business Register

If you are a board member of the company log in to the e-Business Register using your Estonian e-resident digital ID card, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, or ID-card.

Alternatively, you can also use a Lithuanian mobile-ID, if you used one of these with your foreign ID code to register a company in Estonia.

2. Choose the right company

Click on "My undertakings" and then choose the company you want to access by clicking on the company name.

3. Start the changes

Under the Main information tab click "Change the data".

4. Open the Contacts tab

Open "Contacts" tab. Under the company address information click "Change".

This opens up a menu for inserting your company contact details.

Write your email or the actual business email that you would like to use on the public register.

Email needs to be confirmed by clicking a confirmation link in the verification email. Please note that these emails may take some time to arrive depending on the server load.

You can also remove or change your company phone. Only email is considered public information and you do not need to disclose your company phone.

5. Sign the changes

When done click the "Confirmation of the application" tab to add your digital signature to the browser. If signing fails see this article for resolving common Estonian ID-card-related issues.

6. Submit the changes

Click on "Check the details of the entry petition" at the bottom of the page. Sign the petition as a board member and submit it to the Business Register. No state fee is required for changing company email and phone.

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