After you have registered a private limited company in Estonia, you need to pay €2500 as company share capital before distributing any dividends from profits.

This is the minimum legal amount and all the companies registered via Unicount have the same share capital unless the capital amount was raised higher in the registration form.

Your company share capital can be used for business operations but you cannot reduce it below €2500 by making payments back to your account.

All the companies registered via Unicount by default are postponing the  payment of share capital. You as a founder can pay for the 2500 shares later, but always from your own personal account not from company funds.

Until you have paid the share capital you have the liability to the company for the obligations of the company in the same amount as the unpaid capital and you cannot distribute any dividends.

Here is a step-by-step guide for registering your share capital in the Estonian Business Register.

  1. Log in to the Estonian Business Register using your e-resident digital ID card. Smart-ID does not work there.

2. Find the company you would like to access and click on the company name.

3. Click "Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration".

4. Remove the tick "Established without making contribution" and click save the changes.

5. Find the section "Additional documents to be submitted with the entry petition" and click "Add a document".

6. Upload your financial institution share capital payment document by selecting "Bank notice" from the drop-down menu and adding the file from your computer.

7. Click "Check the details of the entry petition".

8. Sign the petition digitally with your e-resident card.

9. Pay the state fee of 18 euros to one of the IBAN accounts. When you are not sure how long your payment will take time you might want to add a proof of your payment as an additional document.

10. Be sure to submit your petition by clicking "Send the petition for proceeding".

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