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How do I find my company details?
How do I find my company details?
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After your company gets registered in the Estonian Business Register, you will receive an email from the court with your company registration code (8-digits) and other registration details.

The email is in Estonian and English with registration details (also called registry card) enclosed as a PDF document in Estonian.

Email subject would look like this "Menetlustoimingust teavitamine, registriasi Ä xxxxxxx, Your company name OÜ (registrikood xxxxxxxx)".

Email content would look like this in English.

We hereby inform you that Ruling No. Ä xxxxxxxx concerning Your company name OÜ (registry code: xxxxxxxx) was adopted in the Registration Department of Tartu County Court on Month DD, YYYY.   An uncertified transcript of the document is attached to this e-mail as a PDF file.  Sincerely, Registration Department of Tartu County Court, Pikk 32, 44307, Rakvere

The registrikood or registry code is your company number and there is no other identificator used in Estonia for identifying legal entities. Read this article to learn what to do when getting asked for a taxpayer identification number (TIN) or VAT number.

You can also search for your company details from the Estonian Business Register here. You can print a PDF with your registration certificate in English for free by following this manual.

If you ordered virtual office from Unicount you would also see your company registration code in the Client Dashboard.

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