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How can I update my Client Data?
How can I update my Client Data?
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After renewing your annual virtual office subscription with Unicount you will receive an email prompting you to update your Client Data.

This means that Unicount needs to verify that the information about your business is still relevant. Requirements to collect client data and monitor clients arise from the Estonia legislation that regulates service providers like Unicount.

This is how you can update your Client Data:

1. Log in to Unicount Dashboard

You can log in to Dashboard here if the virtual office subscription is connected to your eID (Estonian personal identification code on your ID-card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID).

Currently, only one authorized user can access the company's virtual office subscription. It is normally the user who subscribed the company to the Unicount service. To change the authorized user please contact Unicount Support.

2. Check your User Profile

First, check if your User Profile information is still up to date. This is necessary for Unicount to be able to contact you in case your company contacts fail. Open the User Profile menu and check your contact details. Click Save Changes after updating your information.

3. Open the Client Data menu

You only have one User Profile, but you can have multiple companies linked to your eID.

If you have multiple companies you can select the right company from a dropdown menu below Unicount logo.

Then click on the Client Data menu.

4. Update information about your business

Fill in the required Business details as shown in this example screenshot with Unicount data. When you are done click "Save changes" in the top right corner.

Saving data automatically takes you to the next tab where you can update the beneficial owners of the company.

Company contacts sample with Unicount data

Company profile sample with Unicount data

5. Update beneficial ownership information

In the Ownership tab, check if all natural persons who control more than 25% of the company through direct ownership or indirect ownership are inserted. They are also called "beneficial owners".

Mathematically there cannot be more than 3 beneficial owners controlling more than 25% of the company. You can read more about beneficial owners here.

If there are no natural persons controlling the company through direct or indirect ownership you can insert board members as beneficial owners. Having no natural person controlling over 25% of voting rights normally applies to large companies having many shareholders.

If you are the only beneficial shareholder you can easily confirm your details by Clicking "I am the only ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of the company".

If the beneficial owners have Estonian personal ID-codes issued via the e-Residency program please insert those instead of the country of residence/citizenship ID-codes.

When you are done click the "Save changes" button in the top right corner.

Saving data automatically takes you to the next tab where you can insert the passport information and upload passport copies of the beneficial owners of the company.

6. Upload beneficial owner passport copies

In the Documents tab, insert passport information and upload valid passport copies for all of the beneficial owners. The natural persons inserted on the previous tab are displayed here so that you can easily add a passport copy for all of them. Please upload PDF or JPG files only.

When you are done click the "Save changes" button in the top right corner.

If all the required information is inserted clicking on Save Changes opens the signing popup where Unicount asks you to sign digitally to confirm the inserted Client Data. Signing will be triggered for the same eID that you used to log in to the Client Dashboard, so it is either an Estonian e-resident card, ID-card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID.

Please note that if no updates were made on any of the tabs the signing function cannot be triggered. This is to avoid unnecessary submissions with no updates.

7. Sign to confirm

Before you can sign your Client Data with your Estonian e-resident card, ID-card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID if please confirm the following by ticking the appropriate boxes:

1) There are no persons entered into EU sanctions lists among shareholders, members of the board, or ultimate beneficial owners of the company

2) There are no politically exposed persons among shareholders, members of the board, or ultimate beneficial owners of the company

3) The information provided is true, complete, and reflects the actual situation

4) I agree to Unicount Terms of Service

5) I agree to Unicount Privacy Policy

After you have successfully signed your Client Data Unicount contacts you only if there is something that requires further clarification.


Please note that Estonian e-resident card and ID-card-related issues with browser signing are very common. Unicount always recommends using Smart-ID when accessing online services. To retry signing in with Smart-ID instead log out from the Client Dashboard and log in again with Smart-ID.

Here you can read why Unicount recommends Smart-ID.

If you are convinced that you do not want to set up Smart-ID for convenient online authentication and signing please find the troubleshooting article for Estonian ID-card and e-resident card-related issues here.

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