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Where can I find my company articles?
Where can I find my company articles?
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If you registered your company through Unicount API service we automatically send you the all the formation documents in a digitally signed .asice container.

This file is also available from Unicount Dashboard if your company is established via Unicount. Log in to dashboard and see My Orders on the overview or as a separate section. The formation documents can be downloaded from there.

Both English and Estonian versions of standard articles are available from the container. Please note that English only serves as an unofficial translation as the official language is Estonian.

If you registered your company in any other way you can find the articles of association on the Business Register.

Find your company on the Estonian Business Register and scroll down to find public company data.

Download the valid version of the articles by using the download button. Please note that this only allows downloading valid statutes in the official language, Estonian.

If you registered your company online via e-Business Register with standard articles you can find the unofficial translation by clicking on the Documents tab and downloading the formation application. This .asice container holds your valid articles until you change the articles for any good reason.

If you need certified documents then it is good to know that the only way to certify articles of association is by using Estonian notary. Business Register does not issue certified paper documents in Estonia.

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