Whenever you have received any mail items such as a bank cards you might want to have them delivered to your location.

Unicount recommends ordering DHL courier to pick up the item from Unicount address and deliver it to you wherever you are. Later this year this feature will be available through Unicount dashboard with corporate discount available to Unicount clients.

For now you can calculate the cost and time of your delivery and place the order from DHL Get a Quote page here.

After ordering DHL courier be sure to send us the delivery labels that Unicount needs to print. Please be sure to order courier service only after Unicount has confirmed that your mail items have been well received.

Alternatively you can notify Unicount about company representatives who are authorised to collect your mail. Company board members do not need to carry any power of attorney. Other authorised persons need to be notified to Unicount.

Instructions for using DHL website

1. Got to DHL website

2. Enter pickup and delivery country

3. Enter address details

4. Choose the type of delivery

5. Choose packacing and size

6. Fill in exact details for pickup and delivery address

7. Choose document type

8. Choose pickup date

9. Choose courier pickup

10. Pay for you delivery

11. Send delivery labels to Unicount

1. Go to DHL website

To calculate the cost and time of your delivery and place the order go to DHL website by clicking here. Select "get a rate and time quote".

2. Enter pickup and delivery country

Pickup country is always Estonia and your destination country is where you can receive delivered item on the specified time.

3. Enter your virtual office address and your delivery address

For your virtual office address enter


A. H. Tammsaare tee 47

11316 Tallinn

When entering your delivery address tick the box if it is a residential address.

4. Choose the type of delivery

Choose documents for bank cards. Unicount does not accept parcels and packages. Sending parcels automatically triggers customs procedures for non-EU countries.

5. Select packaging

Normally you can choose "your own" as the bank cards or other documents arrive in an envelope that can be used for delivery to your address. Choose quantity and weight, 0,1 kg is fine for a single document and anything below 0,5 kg is always charged the same.

Common envelope sizes are the following:

Most bank cards

220 x 110 millimeters (DL envelope, A4 folded to three sections)

Official letters

229x162 millimeters (C5 envelope, A4 paper folded once)

Contracts in A4 size

324x229 (C4 envelope, A4 paper unfolded)

Please note that you need to enter these values in centimeters, not millimeters.

Height can be 0.2 cm for a single document.

6. Fill in exact details for pickup and delivery address

Please enter your company name to from field for us to determine who ordered the courier.

For contact name enter your name

For mobile enter +3725111234

For email enter support@unicount.eu

Do avoid entering business name for receiver select residential address at the bottom.

VAT ID and EORI are not required.

7. Choose document type

You can select any item from the desciption field such as letter, correspondence.

If you like add a voluntary shipment protection.

8. Choose pickup date

Choose the pickup time that is on working days exluding Estonian national holidays and between 9 AM and 5 PM.

9. Choose courier pickup in the selection

Choose Schedule pickup.

10. Choose debit or credit card and pay for your delivery.

Invoice is issued to your company by DHL so you ca reimburse this expense later if you pay by your personal card.

11. Send delivery label files to Unicount Support

Please send your delivery labels and chosen pickup time to Unicount via email support@unicount.eu.

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