Who is my contact person?
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After you have ordered the virtual office with contact person service you might wonder who is your contact person and how to reach the person.

Actually, there is no physical person acting as a contact person.

The term "contact person" arises from the Estonian Commercial Code.

This is how the law defines who can act as a contact person:

If the management board of a company or a body substituting therefor is located in a foreign state, the company must designate a contact person specified in subsection (1) of this section. In such case, only a notary, advocate, law office, sworn auditor, audit firm, tax representative of a non-resident for the purposes of the Taxation Act, or a provider of trust and company services specified in § 8 of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act may be designated a contact person. The address of the contact person shall be considered the address of the company in such a case.

Unicount OÜ is a registered provider of trust and company services and can act under its license as a contact person for your company. Unicount acts as a legal person so there is no specific physical person you could refer to as your contact person.

On your company registration certificate, you would see Uniount being appointed as a contact person in the Business name and address section.

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