For most people, there are no limits on how much you can receive and keep on Wise Business account.

There are 2 exceptions: people receiving US dollars (USD) into their balance, and people whose account address is in Singapore. The limits are shown below.

Personal and business limits

Learn more about limits for Singapore users

How USD limits work

If you have a USD balance, the limit applies to the amount that you receive directly to the account. So, any money sent to you by someone else, or any money you send from your normal bank account to your USD bank details with Wise, will count towards the limit.

However, if you choose the Add USD option from your USD balance, or convert money to USD from one of your other balances, this won’t count towards the limit.

*These limits apply for a rolling 365-day period, and not per calendar year. So, say you receive a payment on 10th April, this will count towards your limit until the 11th April the following year.


Sometimes Wise needs to ask for some extra information and documents from you, depending on the amount you receive to your balances. If this is the case, we’ll get in touch by email and let you know exactly what you’ll need to do.

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