After you have successfully opened Wise business account for your company you might want to order a business debit card.

Wise currently ships bank cards to USA, UK, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. There are no limitations on addresses within those countries. This means that you can easily add any address to get your card.

If you do not live in one of the supported countries you can order your card to Unicount virtual office address.

It is important to know, that when ordering the card you need to fill out the delivery address details like shown here.

If you do not enter your company name to the address line 1 just like shown here we will not receive your card. Reason is that Unicount only receives sorted mail items clearly addressed to one of the limited companies using its virtual office service.

Items addressed to private persons cannot be sorted properly and usually end up being returned to sender before reaching Unicount.

Wise does not add your company name automatically to the envelope even when you order a company card. Only your name gets always printed to the envelope above address line 1.

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