Registered office aadress

When you subscribe to Unicount virtual office address while submitting your company formation application via Unicount your company's registered address will be Veskiposti 2-1002, Tallinn 1038, Estonia.

If you ordered virtual office service for your existing company by switching service provider you need to change your address via Business Register by following this manual.

Until 31 August 2021 the address Unicount offered was A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn 11316, Estonia.

Clients who have signed up for the Tammsaare tee 47 address can change their address details via Business Register for free. Here is the manual to change your company address.

Mail processing

Unicount processes all the incoming mail and uploads scanned PDF files to your Client Dashboard Messages. Items such as SIM-cards and bank cards can be forwarded for a fee. Read more here.


Parcels are generally not accepted and the virtual office address cannot be used for collecting and forwarding goods.

Contact person service

If you as the founder and the only board member are a non-resident then Unicount is automatically appointed as the contact person for your company when registering a company via Unicount. This will also be visible on public records in the Estonian Business Register.

All the legal documents and emails addressed to your company that are sent to Unicount will be processed similarly to any mail. The requirement to appoint a contact person arises from the Estonian Commercial Code.

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