Every Estonian company having a fiscal period matching with calendar year (1 January - 31 December) should submit their annual accounts by 30 June next year. This is a legal requirement which cannot be ignored.

The submission of annual accounts (called annual report in Estonia) is possible online via Estonia Business Register service. Please note that if you have been issued e-Residency and Estonian person identification code there is no other way to submit annual accounts.

To start you can log in here. You can log in with your e-resident ID-card, Estonian mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Lithuanian Mobile-ID, Belgian and Finnish ID cards are also supported for logging in.

After logging in you can see your company names and registry codes if you are a board member of the companies. You need to be a board member to submit annual accounts or appoint an accountant to prepare and submit accounts on your behalf. Click "Annual reports" on the horisontal menu to see the options.

A new page opens showing you the previous on unfinished annual reports. If your companies have never submitted any there will be nothing to show. You can start a new one by clicking "Add a new report". Unicount does not advise you to submit your own annual reports if you are not qualified to do so. Submitting false data is an offence.

To appoint an accountant to prepare and submit your annual reports click "Defining persons entering the data" on the horisontal submenu. You would see your list of your companies here with any previously given preparation and submission rights.

To add an accountant click on the "Add new person for entering data" button below.

To add an accountant you would need to know their Estonian personal identification code. Rights can only be given only to natural persons not accounting firms. Write the personal identification code and select the companies where the accountant is to have the preparation and submission rights. You can either let them only prepare the accounts or also authorise to submit them on your behalf. Giving them the submission rights might pay off in any unusual situation where your ID-card is expired or you cannot access it. We always recommend to sign up for Smart-ID too to be sure that you can always access Estonian public and private services online.

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