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Can I order Unicount address and contact person service when registering a company on my own?
Can I order Unicount address and contact person service when registering a company on my own?
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This applies to cases where Unicount has recommended to use Government Portal to register a company because of multiple shareholders or legal entity being a shareholder of Estonia company.

To start you need to log in to Business Register using your e-resident card. Smart-ID does not work on the government portal for company formation.

When registering a new company, first click on "Establishment".

Then click the blue "Start registration" button under "Private limited company" to start establishing a limited liability company.

After clicking on the "Contacts" option, which is option number 2, make an address search by writing "Veskiposti 2-1002" under the "Address" selection and add our address that will appear automatically. It is important to have suite 1002 at the address to ensure secure postal mail deliveries. Therefore, always search for "Veskiposti 2-1002" instead of "Veskiposti 2".

If you have done all correct it should display the address in the main view. Now it is time to add Unicount as the contact person.

Click on the "Persons" tab, which is option number 4.

Scroll down the page to find the "Other roles" selection.

Open the drop-down menu and click on the "Contact Person" option. Find Unicount OÜ now using the company's registration code 14614272. This will automatically fill in the required fields as below to appoint Unicount as the contact person.

Unicount email address and company address need to be added manually. Unicount's official spam-protected email is and can be added under the "E-mail" selection. You can also enter the address information automatically by searching for "Veskiposti 2-1002" under the "Address" selection. Don't forget to save the information you entered by clicking the "Save" button afterward.

You do not need to upload a digitally signed consent from Unicount OÜ when you can arrange Unicount director to sign your application in the Business Register. This saves time for you and Unicount so this is what we recommend.

Otherwise, this digitally signed document will be sent to you by Unicount customer support after ordering the online virtual office subscription. Upload the Unicount OÜ confirmation to be accepted to the "Documents" tab and tick the "Consent of Contact person" document type.

Do not forget to complete the rest of your application after all these stages, check all the information before signing and submitting your application to pay the government fee!

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