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Receiving this notification from Unicount means that the court rejected your application to register a company.

If your application was rejected it is most probably because your company name is too similar to another registered company name or trademark.

The court ruling is given only in Estonian and you should contact our support to check the reason for rejection. Unicount has not applied machine translation as it might come up faulty.

Don’t worry though, you can resubmit your application without any additional fee via the link that Unicount sent you.

If you are able to obtain digitally signed consent from the trademark holder (for example you are the trademark holder or a director of the company that holds the trademark) you can re-apply for the same name by uploading digitally signed consent. You can contact support for receiving a sample document.

If you cannot obtain consent you can either re-apply via the link in the email with a different name or change your EMTAK (field of activity) code to be within a NICE class that is not protected by the trademark.

Some of our clients have successfully done that to obtain their desired business name. The company’s EMTAK code would later change automatically based on the actual primary source of revenue shown in the company’s annual accounts. This would not trigger any automatic reconsiderations by the court and the company name would most probably not be challenged by the trademark holder. They might challenge the use of the trademark though if you are marketing in one of the protected classes.

Please be aware, that the deadline set by the court needs to be followed. Otherwise, you will lose the paid registration fees.

Process time for re-submitted application is up to 5 working days, it is off the fast-track of 1 working day company registration.

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